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We are specialists in online solutions and although it sounds a bit proud to say it, we have good reason. It's hardly surprising if you know that the Alltraders team has been writing complex online solutions for clients for about fifteen years. Many years ago in the very early days of the Internet, when most people were writing and using static web sites, Alltraders wrote their first Content Management System (CMS). At that time most people didn't know what a CMS was or how valuable they can be but Alltraders recognised it and made its own. These days nearly all websites use CMS's of one flavour or another. As a company we have made a transition from our proprietary CMS to several of the worlds leading CMS's. There were and are good reasons for it and we know it was and is the best thing for us and for our clients.

We started with writing CMS's and now we customise the worlds leading CMS's. We either tailor the CMS itself or write extensions that add value to the user and the CMS. Our work is used worldwide and is known of worldwide. Our specialist Joomla! extensions can be found at and also on the Joomla! extensions directory. Although over the years our team and company structure has changed, our expertise has consistently increased.

We have also written a great system for Prompt Engineering Pty Ltd. It is an online system that allows hundreds of users create engineering certification projects and there is a complex workflow system in place to manage the process. Suffice it to say that this system is state of the art and has helped grow Prompt Engineering from a start up to a company with 9 staff and over 100 clients in about 14 months.

We also authored the online agent version of the internationally used software called STEELbuilder. STEELbuilder was originally a standalone Windows application but in the last few years we have given it the abilty to interact with online MySQL databases and this has made further progressions towards a truely online application where there is no longer a tyranny of distance.

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Meet The Team

Shed Plus / Metroll group

David Phillips, Shed development Manager at Shed Plus, Metroll group says: "We approached Alltraders because of their affiliations within the steel building industry. Alltraders took our outdated hard to use platform and transformed it into one of the most user friendly systems available today. The results have been ...

CareTrack Kids

CareTrack Kids say: "The CareTrack Australia team were looking to develop an interactive database (wiki) for experts to comment on and score clinical indicators, representative of ‘appropriate healthcare’ for children. We chose to engage Alltraders based on some previous work they had undertaken for one of our profes...

Prompt Engineering

Alltraders have been unbelievable in their ability to take a revolutionary idea from concept to reality. When we came up with the plan for what we wanted we knew that it was going to be groundbreaking, both as a service to the building industry and from a technological perspective. In a large part our success and rapid...

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