Need help improving your Google Ranking?
Meet August, our SEO and eCampaign Specialist!

August specialises in marketing and promoting your website across the range of search engines, social media, and email newsletters.
He can help to increase your website rank by optimising your website for local and worldwide listings in Google, Google Places/Maps, Bing, and Yahoo!, as well as connect, utilise and integrate your website with Facebook, Twitter and MailChimp.

If you want to appear on the first page of Google, increase your online sales and get more returning customers, contact August for a free consultation on how to best promote your website. Contact August today!

I consult with businesses and individuals to create unique SEO marketing strategies that work.

1. Keywords and Content

Search engines, like humans, like keywords that are relevant to your website.

August ensures that your target keywords and written content match up. From researching popular keyword phrases and competitive terms, he's able to analyse and determine a variety of words and combinations that prove beneficial.

Bear in mind that without content, it can be difficult to index your pages for given keywords. Whether it's to describe your images or summarise your text, through research and copywriting, August specialises in helping prepare your site for the best search engines on the web.

2. URLs, links, metadata

Make your website found.

Is your URL architecture and social markup readable to search engine robots as well as us humans? August can make your website URLs easy to remember, keyword relevant, & actually useful to share.

Can people navigate your website?
To reduce bounces and lost opportunities, have August identify and fix up exit holes in your navigation and user experience.

Index your published content
August will generate and submit a dynamic XML sitemap, so that search engines know whenever an article is published.

3. Pay per click Ads

Get guaranteed first page results.

On Australia’s most popular search engine, Google, ask August to start your next paid advertising campaign. The right keywords and persuasive text will get you higher quality leads (not traffic that bounces), thereby increasing the chances of following through with contact or sales.

Are you wasting your budget?
With quality keyword research, succinct, persuasive and relevant ads, conversion tracking, and continual refinement, August will keep your budget in check. Together with on-site SEO to improve keyword quality scores and lowering your CPC, you'll have truely august SEO.

eCampaigns and Social Media compliment your website by increasing traffic and awareness.

1. eCampaigns / EDM

One of the best ways to get returning clients is through email newsletters, sent direct to the inboxes of your interested parties (given permission). The most personal method of online advertising, sending eCampaigns can be simple, easy, and can be automated to a degree. Learn more

2. Social Media

A great way to increase your audience and leads is by utilising Social Media like Twitter and Facebook. Quite a large percentage of your clients already have accounts there, so why not provide updates on their networks? Our integrations make this easy, by automatically posting to these social networks. Learn more

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Initial SEO & Online Marketing Consultation Free of Charge!

SEO - Result Appeal

SEO - Result Appeal

Improve the appeal and relevance of search results. August can improve the appearance of your Google organic search results, so you get more clicks, higher CTRs, and higher quality leads to your site.

Joomla! SEO Specialist

Joomla! SEO Specialist

With August's Joomla! SEO experience, he knows exactly what to do in your Joomla website to improve your search engine ranking. Why not ask for a free analysis of your website?

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