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on 10 September 2012   
10 September 2012

There is no denying that word of mouth is a powerful tool, and with the emergence of social networking, it has changed the way people communicate information online. A lot of companies make use of Twitter and Facebook to promote new products or to share upcoming sales. By using Facebook or Twitter to promote your business you're reaching an audience that wouldn't necessarily be visiting your businesses website every day.

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With all of the hard work you're putting into keeping your website updated, why not allow your audience to share your content via various social networking site such as Linked In, Google Plus, Digg, Delicious, Facebook or Twitter. By placing a series of small buttons to your articles it increases the chances of your content being seen by a larger audience. 

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on 05 September 2012   
05 September 2012

We're thrilled to announce the launch of one of our most recent pet projects: Oxfam fair!

Oxfam Fair Responsive Layout

Oxfam Australia approached Alltraders with the task of creating a mobile-ready website for their new Fair brand. We determined that a responsive layout would be the best way to address these needs.

The primary goals of the website were to create awareness of and promote the fair range, as well as showing the human element to the brand with the stories of the producers behind the products.

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on 06 August 2012   
06 August 2012

The next Joomla User Group Adelaide meeting will be held on Tuesday the 14th of August 2012 from 6pm at Alltraders.

As usual there'll be a general open discussion, as well as a look at security, and the Joomla 3.0 alpha.

Please contact August if you're coming, and please bring $5 to cover pizza costs.

on 26 June 2012   
26 June 2012

MySYS: Management Information System

Alltraders is proud to announce the launch of MySYS, a new Management Information System tailored for business.

MySYS is a complete management solution, allowing easy access to all aspects of a business's workflow, from enquiries and quotes, resourcing and communication, and through to scheduling, reports and invoicing - all customisable to suit each business's needs.

Built with ease of use and function in mind, MySYS is outfitted with a highly responsive and powerful interface, a well thought out menu hierarchy, and interconnected management, accounting and reporting areas, providing business owners and staff with an efficient and time saving all-in-one management solution.

No matter the business type or workflow utilised in the workplace, MySYS's adaptability caters for both common and unique business workflows and models, allowing managers to easily track and optimise any aspect or requirement of their business, tailored for their needs.

With MySYS's advanced user management, managers can assign roles and responsibilities to any resource, anywhere in the system. With control of online user assignment and capacity planning, user management has never been easier.

Bringing together aspects of management and accounting into the one online solution, MySYS paves the way forward in managing your business from the cloud.

Call Alltraders today to find out more about how MySYS can improve your business workflow.


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on 20 May 2012   
20 May 2012

We are seeking a PHP developer to join our team to work on some of our custom PHP projects. We encourage any experienced persons to apply.

The primary skills required are:

  • PHP development
  • Javascript
  • a sound knowledge of SQL

Experience in Joomla, Drupal or Wordpress would also be viewed very favourably.

Our aim is to find a long term team member who can complement our current teams skillset. An ability to work independently and to a timeline is essential. We are Adelaide based (Albert Park) and focus on software development, graphic design and website development.

We have already employed someone and we are strongly considering hiring a second person. We encourage any interested persons to apply. Permanent employment will be subject to an initial probationary period.

If interested, please email your CV and cover letter to

on 02 March 2012   
02 March 2012


World's Greatest Shave is only two weeks away, and as you may know, a number of Alltraders staff members are curently participating in this year's World's Greatest Shave, a charity event to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation.

We aim to raise $5000, and have already achieved 31% of this goal through your kind donations, but we still need your help! This time last week, Alltraders was in the top ten South Australian teams (#8), and one of our two big bosses, CIO Michael O'Loughlin, with 30% of his $2500 goal already reached, was within the state's top 50. We've since slipped down the ladder, and we all want to see Michael bald (check the comments on his shave page), so give generously - it's for a great cause too.

Also, you may not know that shaving is not the only option at the World's Greatest Shave, and not all Alltraders members will be shaving. So instead of shaving, what are our participating team members going to do?

Please Donate

"Today, 31 Australians will get the news they have blood cancer. Your donation will support them from the moment they are diagnosed."

The following partitipants will be changing their appearance in the following ways for the World's Greatest Shave:

It's easy to make a donation, and you can remain anonymous if you wish. Simply go to any of the participating member's pages above or to the Alltraders team page, and click the orange "Sponsor Me" button on the top left of the page.

Why not come and watch? Come to our event and make a donation on the day. The time and location of our associated haircuts, hair colouring and chest waxing will be announced soon.

World's Greatest Shave raises funds for the Leukaemia Foundation's important work – providing free practical and emotional support to people with blood cancer and their families, as well as investing millions in research.

You only have until mid March to make a donation, so be quick and make it count!

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on 01 February 2012   
01 February 2012

There has recently been a couple of important new features in the popular email delivery platform, MailChimp.

MailChimp now makes it easy to include video in your email. Not true video though in your email (that's pretty much impossible for email) - but the ability to automatically create a thumbnail and link just from the youtube url of the video at a size of your choice. Even better, this process is automated when including RSS feeds that include videos, which leads me to the next notable MailChimp feature. This is for many people old news, as it is a feature that was originally introduced to MailChimp in April last year. I believe it is as revolutionary as content managed websites are to plain html websites. It is still rarely utilised or known about by many MailChimp users. It is about combining the powers of two online mediums - email and RSS.


The vast majority of newsletters most businesses are likely to send with MailChimp are of the plain ol' campaign type, allowing the delivery of a completely customised html email newsletter, with a couple of dynamic fields (person's name, etc). A/B comparative campaigns and others are possible, but due to the additional time required in setting these up (not much but some), are historically not used that often by our clients.

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on 28 November 2011   
28 November 2011

Australian software developer Alltraders is the fourth fast-growing company in South Australia, based on the company's first appearance on the Fast Movers list of rapidly-growing SA businesses.


The accolade, announced Friday, comes just three years after its owners, Ben Horner and Michael O'Loughlin, began running it as a full-time business. Alltraders, which has 20 employees and a turnover of about $1.5 million, recorded year-on-year growth of more than 80 per cent.

Complied annually by inBusiness magazine, the Fast Mover SA Company Index recognises 150 of the fastest-growing businesses based in SA.

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on 21 November 2011   
21 November 2011


Australian software developer Alltraders has made its inaugural appearance on the Fast Movers list of rapidly-growing South Australian companies – just three years after its owners began running it as a full-time business.

Complied annually by inBusiness magazine, the Fast Mover SA Company Index recognises 150 of the fastest-growing businesses based in SA.

Alltraders Chief Information Officer Michael O’Loughlin said making the Fast Mover Index was an exciting achievement for the company’s management team and its staff. “It’s exciting to make it as a finalist after just three years of running Alltraders as a full-time business,” he said.

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on 08 November 2011   
08 November 2011

Alltraders is proud to announce the launch of the new website for Jay Weatherill, our newly appointed Premier of South Australia, and the Ministers of the Government of South Australia.


Jay Weatherill Premier of South Australia Website


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