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Vince Pellicone - Divisional MAnager

Vince Pellicone
Shed Division Manager


Vince Pellicone

Vince is our in house programming detective taking often complex problems and then coming up with novel solutions. He is super skilled in C++, VB.Net, SQL, and shed construction in general.

He loves the laid back feel Alltraders has but without compromising productivity.

Of an evening, Vince can be found watching Anime and playing games mostly and when he's not doing that he's usually catching up with friends, flying remote controlled helicopters and achieving global domination through a vigorous regime of inactivity and procrastination.

Now, Vince is a pretty tall guy and that's probably a good thing because he has a phobia of climbing and going up ladders. It's lucky that he can reach things that are high up in cupboards without going up a ladder then.

Smudges on his monitor really annoy Vince so look with your eyes not your hands people!

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Control your website

Control your website

When we finish your website, we ensure you feel confident managing and growing your website without having to pay for ongoing assistance. Alltraders offer expert in-house training sessions along with a detailed training manual. We can help with your marketing campaigns & strategies too.

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Content Management

Our websites run in the 100% free Joomla! CMS, which gives users publishing freedom, and an edge over their Wordpress competitors. Difficult to learn? Not at all. Have an existing site in Wordpress, Drupal, or another CMS? We cater for those too. Security is also taken care of with our maintenance packages.

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SEO, SEM, Conversions

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