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Braden Schiller - Software Developer

Braden Schiller - Software Developer


Braden Schiller

Bringing to Alltraders his knowledge of the latest cool libraries and coding methods, Braden's our all round chilled out coding meister.

Often responding to the nicknames "Brades" and/or "Brados" (no relation to DOS however [fortunately]), Braden'll come up with a sure fire solution to any PHP, Javascript, LESS/SASS/CSS problem shot with a firey arrow in his direction.

Outside of work he enjoys geting bossed around by his young children and dopey puppy, wine tasting with his wife, and of course, anything with two wheels and a motor is music to his ears (he's secretly a classical musician by trade).

When it comes to Apple vs Microsoft products, you'll always be on his team. He enjoys pretending to be an Apple/Windows fanboy just to annoy Michael.

Pet hates? Decaf coffee, or even worse - no coffee...

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